A medico-legal assessment and report may be required for cases or claims with:

  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Compulsory Third Party insurers
  • Public liability and
  • Medical/Professional negligence

The medico-legal assessment is a thorough assessment that determines a client’s level of function post-injury.  It takes into consideration both personal and domestic activities of daily living and how these have been impacted by injury and/or loss.

A comprehensive report can then be supplied providing information and recommendations on:

  • Pre-injury and current functional status
  • Pre-injury occupational status (personal, domestic and community)
  • Functional capacity
  • Home environment including environmental barriers to independent function
  • Equipment, assistive devices and/or technology
  • Care needs (current and future)

EHTS is able to provide meticulous assessment and reports for all medico-legal purposes, prepared in accordance with the Expert Witness Code of Conduct.