National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

We are registered providers for the following supports:

  • Therapy supports (Occupational Therapy)
  • Support Co-ordination
  • Specialist Support Co-ordination

 Daily function

Assessment and intervention for:

  • Activities of daily living re-training – remedial, compensatory or with assistive devices
  • Cognition – assessment & rehabilitation
  • Upper limb re-training

We strive to maximise our client’s potential to participate in their everyday activities, assist them to regain independence and restore quality of life.

Community living

  • Equipment prescription and applications  
  • Home modifications including referrals to Home Assist/Secure
  • Vehicle modification recommendations for client’s with a disability (both passenger and driver) 
  • Taxi subsidy applications and disability parking permit applications
  • Referrals/linking to appropriate community organisations


We are able to provide rehabilitation services to provide intensive, in-home therapy that is tailored to meet our client’s goals.  We also liaise with appropriate health professionals and service providers to design an appropriate rehabilitation treatment plan.